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World-class writing and editing for everyone. We write content that’s easy to understand and easy to maintain:
  • Technical user manuals​
  • Blog posts
  • API guides and references
  • SaaS and software interface text and help
  • Marketing and web content
We also offer Fiction and non-fiction book ghost writing and editing.
Business and Technical
Writing and Editing – $95/hr
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Marketing or technical writing:
Organize to support your message
Clarify focus
Meet specific goals
Optimize for discovery online.

Terms and Conditions: All sessions are pre-paid. You can choose to conduct your sessions by phone, video conferencing, or in person in the greater Seattle area only. I will contact you to set up your first session normally within 2 business days after you order. To reschedule, contact me by 8am on the day of your session. Canceling after 8am the day of the session, or showing up more than 15 late constitutes a “no-show” and is not refundable. When you book your appointment, you agree to these terms and conditions. Dismiss